FF&E and Relocation

Bespoke Design, Specification, Procurement and Relocation Services

airport-761.pngMost architectural firms only provide design advice on Furniture, Fixtures & Equiptment (FF&E), leaving the client to manage the procurement and logistics. Catalyst can manage the entire furniture audit, design and procurement process on your behalf.

Furthermore - Catalyst's furniture network is competitive and worth it's value. We obtain exclusive wholesaler prices from well known retailers and also provide our clients with access to a number of local furniture manufacturers, who do not sell to the end user.

We also custom design furniture pieces, for special projects and to obtain best value from your budget.

Quite often, having Catalyst manage both the FF&E design and procurement needs, will provide our clients with more value than what they could achieve on their own. If your budget must be spent wisely, but you are looking to obtain the best value from your furniture - Catalyst is your best choice.


We will also manage your entire relocation process or, if you prefer, just selected aspects of it. We only work with reputable organisations because we know that minimising interruption and maintaining productivity is critical for your business.

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It’s about more than buildings, it’s about building relationships – between our team and yours as well as between your people and the spaces they work in.

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