Kaukapakapa Stage 2


  • Project size:Block 1: 503sqm Block 2: 609sqm
  • Duration:20 Months

Kaukapakapa's brand new upscale apartments will consist of cedar timber, exposed macrocarpa roof trusses and rusticated weather boards for an urban rustic feel.

The dream of this new block is to create modern living apartments above some retail areas on street level in order to coherent with the newly built architecture around, we therefore proceed with another modern vernacular architectural design approach to harmonize with the built environment. Timber cedar with shiplap and rusticated weather board arrangement form part of the external cladding. Exposed macrocarpa roof trusses above deck substantiates the character of the building while glass balustrades provide the modern touch of the nowadays building appearance. Metal roof with higher pitch also re-enforce the traditional form of stable/barn appearance while reflecting the other’s roof structure within the proximity. These apartments will offer a variation of sizes to cater to individual lifestyles, which are suitable for the village community to comfortably live in.