Kaukapakapa Stage 3


  • Project size:530 sqm - 8020 sqm
  • Duration:3 Years

Introducing the third stage of our Kaukapakapa Village developments, a timeless building that can span between now and future in the proximity of the area near Kaukapakapa and to reflect the local community appropriately.

Construction has just started on one of the 4 stages for the Kaukapakapa Village center. This Supermarket will bring immense attraction to this community area. Having somewhere for locals to gather, shop and engage with each other brings a diverse range of products and neighborhoods together, without having to travel long distances. Creating this sophisticated Supermarket has it's challenges, with a previous resource consent granted, the community had past plans for this project. Once we distinguished our clients vision a new design was implemented and projected with proud praise from the community. This is a building that will be comprised of many different cladding elements such as, concrete panels & blocks, cedar weatherboards & concrete fencing walls. The design features concrete panels to the west, which screens off excess noise from neighboring buildings. The warm and welcoming entry facade with cedar facing views features a large car park right off the entry canopy. Over-sized glazing and clerestory windows above the front canopy provide plenty of natural lighting for the users inside the building to enjoy the journey of shopping. This modern building resonates with the traditional street posts and stands proud of it's own, located on it's own corner of the village whilst overlooking the rest of the buildings.