AMP Investments
AMP Investments
AMP Investments
AMP Investments

AMP Investments

AON Centre, 29 Customs St, West

Key Project Details
Time Frame8 months

AMP relocates in the AON Tower

A true example of how listening to the client's desires for the future and how teams will be able to work either remotely or in the office creates an office space that's inviting.

AMP Investment had defined a need to consolidate their head office, downsize and reflect a new working style, they occupied 1720sqm of office space in AMP Tower.

The intent was to downsize to 860sqm (1 floor) of the existing space. To do this they needed to introduce new working styles, address acoustic issues, introduce change management to the teams and to reflect the needs of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).


Timeframe for the project was dependant on several other tenants who were impacted by the AMP decisions and delays to the delivery due to COVID-19

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