Simon Warburton

As a Senior Project Manager, Simon brings a Building Science degree in Construction Management and his extensive customer service and on-site experience to help provide the best service to our clients.

Simon joined Catalyst in January 2022 and has hit the ground running. As with his love of all things sport-related, Simon is an excellent team player who enjoys working collaboratively with a team of people with varied skills and backgrounds. He is not afraid to step in and steer projects in the right direction if it goes astray! Simon has worked on lots of interesting projects in his time, but a standout would be successfully completing 12 floors (17,000 sqm) of base build fit-out and seismic strengthening upgrades to 7 Waterloo Quay (formerly New Zealand Post House).

Simon appreciates the fun and varied office environment at Catalyst and working closely with the in-house designers, a valued asset.

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