Sarah Courtney

Sarah’s easy-to-work-with, calm yet 100% professional management approach ensures clients & team members feel that they can comfortably discuss any concerns.

Sarah's project management skills in the construction sector are underscored by her Master of Architecture degree and a broad understanding of design. She skilfully interprets design, and clearly and confidently communicates and manages the design’s intention to her trades to deliver high quality, on time projects. This unique set of skills means Sarah can see a problem with design or delivery often before it happens saving time, stress and money.

Sarah has a large network of experts within her team and the industry to call on should she see a problem that needs further consultation. Sarah is familiar with the building codes and the consenting process including earthquake compliance and fire ratings.  

Sarah is pragmatic, calm under pressure and fantastic to deal with. Utilising her education, personality and experience her project delivery is second to none. She provides valuable input to the company's strategic planning and management decisions as a member of our Catalyst senior leadership team.

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