Pat Kenny

Pat wears two hats in Catalyst. Heading up the team in Christchurch and a Project Manager for the project delivery team.

Arriving in New Zealand from his native Ireland in 2012 to help rebuild Christchurch after the devastating earthquakes, Catalyst was lucky to snap him up at the end of this massive project.

Pat’s role allows him to follow a project from conception to construction, finishing with a happy client – something Pat prides himself on.

Pat has delivered numerous projects in the commercial and residential sector in Christchurch. He brings to Catalyst, a broad range of knowledge and experience in construction fields and as a specialist in EQC repairs. With over 40 years in the construction industry, he can tackle any challenge.

From Ireland, where he ran his own construction company, Pat made the move to New Zealand. With refined carpentry and leadership skills, Pat drives ambitious project deadlines while maintaining dedicated client focus and communication. Fastidious attention to detail thorough quality control and H&S measures, he ensures the best results are always accomplished. Pat is passionate about functional spaces and all the fundamental elements in any project process, from start to finish.

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