Meet Xin Jiang: Expert Architect

Meet Xin Jiang: Expert Architect

Meet Xin Jiang, one of Catalyst's talented Registered Architects!

Passionate about sustainability as a Green Star accredited professional (GSAP) with the NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC), Xin brings a creative yet pragmatic touch to architecture.

Dive into her world with this quick Q&A!

Q: How do you describe your design approach?

A: I like to push boundaries, be resilient, and leverage technology to bring visions to life. Challenging conventions and thinking outside the box leads to bespoke and innovative solutions that are practical and realistic.

Q: What does sustainability mean for architecture?

A: For me, it's about creating long-term value for clients and fostering a sustainable future. Design anf architecture should exist seamlessly within the landscape to preserve and enhance biodiversity - not disrupt it.

Q: Heritage buildings seem to hold a special place in your work. How do you balance new with the old?

A: It's about reusing and adding value to what already exists. Integrating sustainable design considerations while preserving its historical charm and character. An understanding of the building's history is integral to making smart designs enhancing its heritage rather than take away from it.