Meet Tessa Leonard: Workplace Strategy Specialist

Meet Tessa Leonard: Workplace Strategy Specialist

Tessa Leonard, Workplace Strategist, Lead Designer and Associate at Catalyst, boasts 20+ years of experience leading commercial workplace solutions. Her mission? To help organisations sculpt spaces that align with their ambitions, culture, and team dynamics.

Keep reading to discover how workplace strategist Tessa works her magic to create workplaces that are worth the commute.

What exactly is workplace strategy, and why does it matter?

Workplace strategy is all about delving deep into how an organisation operates, what it aims to achieve, and how the physical environment can amplify those efforts. It's not just about creating pretty spaces; it's about crafting functional, flexible, and inspiring environments that supercharge productivity, foster collaboration, and nurture well-being. In today's era of hybrid work, flexibility is a must and having a robust workplace strategy is more crucial than ever. Customising the strategy is the key to creating a successful workplace for your business - for attracting and retaining top talent, optimising space usage, cutting costs, and boosting your brand and culture.

What is your mantra?

I firmly believe that each organisation is a unique, with its own culture, values, and working style. "One size doesn’t fit all." That's why I kick off every project with a deep dive into the client's inner workings, using hard data and engaging tools to understand their current needs and future goals.

From there, I create a bespoke solution tailored to their specific needs, considering everything from executive vision to employee preferences to industry trends. Plus, I'm all about interactive workshop sessions, where I bring together key players and end-users to lesson and learn, then create something special, all while bringing the team along the change journey.

Workplace trends on the horizon

Hybrid work is here to stay, but people still crave that in-person camaraderie and water cooler chat. That means big, kitchen hubs for social connections are a must, helping to create a strong community. And let's not forget about wellness—because it's not just about work-life balance, but about creating spaces that nurture our mental health and well-being. Think biophilic design, natural light, and zen-inducing vibes. We need workplaces that people are proud of and want to be in. With employees splitting their time between home and the office, they expect nothing less than a space that's worth the commute. People want their workplaces to feel more like home, rich with warm tones, plush textures, and residential-style furniture that can relax in. High quality finish is expected from the front door, that means attention to detail, from the lobby to the amenities, with a dash of luxury thrown in for good measure.

What does success look like?

It's when the client is over the moon with the end result and their team is buzzing with productivity, enthusiasm and enjoying their new space. It's when the workplace strategy is as adaptable and flexible, ready to evolve with the times. It's not just about a one-time win; it's about forging a lasting partnership that delivers value and satisfaction.

Learn more about how Tessa can activate your workplace and make it earn the commute by contacting her via [email protected].

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