Jepsen Grove: Catalyst's Strategic Approach to Construction and Consultancy

Jepsen Grove: Catalyst's Strategic Approach to Construction and Consultancy

Catalyst recently embarked on delivering a complex project, Jepsen Grove, for one of our longstanding clients; showcasing our multifaceted expertise in property consultancy, architecture, as well as construction project feasibility through to delivery.

Our collaboration with this Upper Hutt asset and large ministry tenant is a testament to our ability to guide clients from the initial feasibility stage through to the pivotal role of the main contractor for the construction project.

The project scope was extensive, including the innovative design and development of a 22-bay secure carpark equipped with EV charging stations, tailored to meet the tenant's specific needs. This endeavor also encompassed a comprehensive site-wide LED lighting upgrade over 3500sqm, necessitating a detailed as-built review, including operation manuals and past maintenance guidelines.

Our project team consisting of; Lewis Watson, Project Director; Ryan Swart, Senior Contracts Manager; and Cristopher Tika, Project Manager, closely consulted with both landlord and tenant stakeholders through scope, specification, and project coordination programming to manage live performance feedback and preferences, highlighting our value and expertise in cost estimation and management.

An existing building occupied the proposed carpark location, which meant that Catalyst had to closely consider geotechnical and historic land conditions when accommodating the site location's change of use. This required careful consideration to unforeseen costs poor soil performance, and in ground services not removed as part of the previous demolition scope. Strategic testing and site survey played a big part in ensuring there were no surprising during excavation. During the detailed documentation process, Catalyst were instrumental in managing to exclude the need of unnecessary regulatory approvals, reducing cost and programme time for our client.

As we transitioned into the procurement phase, our approach was characterised by a strategic blend of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and competitive tendering. We conducted a thorough assessment of project requirements, including scope, budget, and timelines, to clearly define our project scope to the market.

Our collaboration with both tenant and client was instrumental in supporting collective requirements, this paired with robust contractor selection including the identification of key values, broader outcomes, past evidenced performance and strong health and safety we were able to align key values from the outset forming a winning project team.  

Catalyst's proactive risk management process was evident throughout the civil construction procurement. Our process of monitoring and assessing risks throughout the procurement process allowed us to proactively address any emerging issues, thereby minimising their impact on project delivery.

Our effective management of outside contractors and transparent communication with clients through every crucial milestone resulted in project success built on a foundation of trust. Despite the challenges posed by weather windows, we kept the project on track, finishing ahead of schedule and within budget, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

This collaborative approach enabled us to handle challenges with care while seizing new opportunities, leading to a solution that not only met but exceeded expectations and fostered an enriched project-wide culture.

The Jepsen Grove project stands as a shining example of Catalyst's dedication to delivering exceptional work and finding innovative solutions to complex challenges. Through careful planning, teamwork, and effective risk management, we turned potential obstacles into opportunities for success, delivering value at every step of the way.

Join us as we continue to set the benchmark for innovation, collaboration, and a client-focused approach in the construction and consultancy industry.

Meet the project team and get in touch for any inquiries regarding our construction capability:

Lewis Watson - Project Delivery Team Lead | Associate | +64 27 425 9733

Ryan Swart - Senior Contracts Manager | +64 22 089 1825

Cristopher Tika - Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor | +64 27 218 8817