From Cellar Door to Office Floor

19 August 2019
From Cellar Door to Office Floor

Using character timber and natural materials, Catalyst worked to mirror the high-end yet industrial charm of a winery for the new headquarters of Constellation Brands. As the biggest exporter of New Zealand wines to North America, Constellation Brands was in search of a custom-built environment to showcase the company’s culture as well as reflect the high-quality of the world-renowned brands in its portfolio.


Catalyst set out to give the office a sense of character and a deeper connection to the wine industry using rich detail and storytelling in every aspect of the design. The Head Office’s award-winning design is contemporary, blending functionality with form as a home to showcase products, serve as a hub for new ideas to develop and as a home to more than 80 staff.


The brief for a modern workspace was highlighted by key features that pulled influence from winemaker’s notes - namely elegance and maturity. The combination of a living moss wall, natural timber screening, barrel ceiling and copper light accents mirror the aesthetic of an iconic and premium New Zealand winery.


Based in Westgate Town Centre, the new headquarters moves the brand closer to its customers, its suppliers and even more importantly, back to its West Auckland roots. Delivering the perfect balance of past, present and future, the multi-dimensional space called for a highly attentive design focusing on the finer details as part of the wider vision.