#EarnTheCommute Campaign at Wellington Airport

#EarnTheCommute Campaign at Wellington Airport

We're up in lights - literally! 🌟

Did you spot our #EarnTheCommute campaign at the Wellington Airport? 👀

Did you know that collaboration is what drives 74% of people to work in the office?

With hybrid work in full swing, a stronger sense of belonging and connection is essential to building a community.

The key to making your workplace desirable and worth the commute is through thoughtful design that prioritises the wellbeing of those who use the space.

Investing upfront in workplace strategy and understanding your current workplace utilisation informs the solution and ensures fitout designs are tailored to how you work and your operational requirements.

Our results show we achieve increases in workplace occupancy + 70% and meeting usage + 90% 18 months post-implementation! 🚀

Our campaign promotes the importance of making your workplace #WorthTheCommute 🌟

The quality of a workplace relies not only on beautiful interiors, collaborative settings and a functional design, but on the experience of the space from the very entrance into a modern lobby, through to excellent building facilities and amenities, including upgrading end of trip facilities, lockers, bathrooms, showers, and bike parks.

It's the little things that count - from proper lighting to the latest hand driers and ambient music in bathrooms; quality workplaces that support wellness and reflect the little luxuries and comfort of being at home.

From design to construction, we handle every aspect of your project, aligning with your budget to enhance tenant appeal and provide employees with a luxurious space to thrive.

Our team can guide you through creating a quality commercial office tailored to your needs.

Ready to make sure your workspace is worth the commute?
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