Catalyst Area Managers Striving for Increasing Productivity and Performance

27 September 2019
Catalyst Area Managers Striving for Increasing Productivity and Performance

Catalyst has announced two new Area Managers for the Auckland and Wellington office to accompany Karen Sanderson the existing Christchurch area Manager.

The Branch Manager has been another tier of management added into Catalyst’s company structure to streamline operations and targets, aligning the branches with the company’s mission & values.

This position overseas Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, Team Management & Development as well as enhancing the Catalyst relationships and opportunities.

The three Area Mangers in the Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch offices all have exceptional qualities and leadership skills – crucial for overseeing of the teams and productivity.

Kayla Allan appointed as Wellington Area Manager has been with Catalyst for over 10 years, she has in depth industry knowledge and is an energetic lateral thinker. She works towards keeping Catalyst working smarter and will take on any challenge.


Ian Fistonich is the Auckland Area Manager and comes from 25 years in the construction industry, largely in senior management roles as main contractor. Ian brings experience in leading large project teams, developing quality management systems, and H&S management.

Ian Fistonich.jpg

Christchurch’s Area Manager Karen Sanderson has been with Catalyst since 2017, leading the team autonomously. Karen’s passion and drive are a perfect match for the changing Christchurch market, creating new opportunities for the South Island branch.