Kaukapakapa Village


  • Completion date:August 2019
  • Project size:530sqm
  • Duration:18 months

A modern vernacular architectural design with traditional building materials.

One of the newly constructed building to the Kaukapakapa Village which is a current development to reflect the local community while the modern shape and form resonate the vibrant and upcoming future of the community. Colorsteel roof finishes with extension of exposed roof trusses made from Macrocarpa wood and treated pine above the spacious deck overlook pedestrians entering into the village from all walks of life. Glass balustrade provides further connection between inside and outside of building visually at the apartment level. The deck for the apartments enhances flow internally and externally within the building. Rusticated and shiplap weatherboard external claddings give a sense of warm welcoming to visitors to the village when approaching the ground floor retails shops such as Gull Service Station, BlackBull Liquor shop & Crow Real Estate that service the local community. Retractable Fabric Awning canopy gives shelter and shield for visitors which are also part of the design feature to contrast with the traditional timber cladding appearance. Catalyst overcame many hurdles for this modernistic building and are very proud of the result. Stage 2 of this development is underway with plans for two new apartment blocks in the making. These apartments of different sizes will cater to all, offering a comfortable rural community based lifestyle.