Covid -19 Response

28 April 2020
Covid -19 Response

Our Catalyst team have remained fully operational over the lock down and have adapted well to working remotely. Our design, architectural and project teams have successfully kept projects progressing from within their bubbles.  


For all involved, thank you for your support and commitment to adjusting with us.  


While this has been a period of upheaval, Catalyst is committed to contributing to our community - the Catalyst team members, clients, partners, friends and industry – who make up the commercial space. We have contributed to this community for 20 years and expect to continue for a long time more. Through the unknown, innovation rises. We are excited to have our sites up again from today and to be working with our clients to create spaces for our new ways of working. 


With the move to alert level 3 starting today (Tuesday 28th April), our client’s construction sites are operational again. This is great news for our clients, contractors and for the New Zealand economy overall.  


We have been working behind the scenes aligning our health and safety processes and systems with the governments Covid-19 control measures. You can rest assured that we have everything in place to ensure our sites throughout the country are healthy and safe places to be.  


If they haven't already, our project managers will be in contact directly to communicate all new information. 


For any further information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to get a hold of your dedicated contact at Catalyst.  


Stay safe. Be kind.