Collaborative Effort is Finalist for NZ Building Awards
Catalyst Project Manager, Kayvan Bahraini has been nominated as a finalist for the NZ Building Industry Awards in the Interdisciplinary Collaboration Category.

In spite of a strict development agreement, he was able to work in collaboration with project stakeholders to complete the project on budget and ahead of schedule. Kayvan is a prime example of the ethos of this award; celebrating the collaborative nature of the construction industry.


The NZBIA’s celebrate high performing individuals and teams with a focus on acknowledging the practitioners behind successful building projects. With an emphasis on project delivery and effective communication, Kayvan strives to exceed client expectations in every project.


1-3 The Terrace Project, the project for which he was selected, had multiple disciplines and various organisations involved in its delivery. The landlord and the tenant team had to work together despite having conflicting interests in many occasions. Establishing an understanding and trust between the parties was the key to the success of this project. 1-3 The Terrace was the only Wellington Accommodation Project that was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule, a fact that the Catalyst team are very proud of.


This project came with many challenges. The budget was set in 2016 based on high level test fit plans which was different to the tenant’s requirements. The development agreement provided a very strict framework for all parties. Integrating the landlord and tenant’s works provided cost and schedule benefits, however it increased the necessity of collaboration by all parties.


The success of this project can be attributed to the strength of all parties coming together and focusing on delivering the project rather than exercising any perceived rights under the terms and conditions of the agreement.


With a meticulous eye for detail and a track record of delivering successful large-budget projects, Kayvan’s wealth of knowledge has formed from a variety of differing projects across his career and is built from an overarching love of the people he works with - a character trait we are particularly fond of here at Catalyst.