Environmentally Sustainable Design

Protection and preservation through sustainable design.

Respect for the environment is central to our philosophy.

At Catalyst we take a pragmatic approach to environmental sustainability. We regard ESD principles to be a core component of good modern design. It is always our aim to integrate sustainability principles in a way that preserves both the environment and our clients’ budgets.

Catalyst is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). With Catalyst management and staff having completed, or currently undergoing, Green Building training, we recommend fit-out materials and products that count towards Green Star credits. In addition, our Designers and Project Managers are well-versed in all building codes and health and safety requirements, as well as having developed comprehensive design guides and performance specifications for our long term, nationwide clients.

Building Better.

It’s about more than buildings, it’s about building relationships – between our team and yours as well as between your people and the spaces they work in.

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